Nozzle Heaters

Brass Bushing Heaters

Brass bushing heater designs offer unsurpassed temperature uniformity and extended heater life.

Integral Thermocouple

variety of integral thermocouple designs ensure reliable performance and provide a straight-forward, trouble-free installation.

OEM Replacements

Standard designs for many common OEM models are available from stock.  Custom configurations can be provided with quick delivery times.

Coil Heaters

Cable Elements

Cable elements can be wound to a variety of diameters, lengths, and profiles.  Integral T/C and lead-wire protection options are available.

Micro Cable Elements

High performance micro cable elements are designed for applications that require precise control and high heat in small areas.

Custom Applications / Unique Capabilities

Engineering and assembly of custom thin-wall and high watt density designs can be provided with very quick turnaround.

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